Knowmading Chile: Galt's Gulch Chile

Galt's Gulch Chile is located in a pristine valley nestled just between Santiago, Chile and the Chilean coastline. The idea for Galt's Gulch Chile came from founding partners Ken Johnson and Jeff Berwick, who are partners in TDV Media & Services, as well as The Dollar Vigilante. The idea is simple: live free. We had the pleasure of spending a entire day touring the area with Ken Johnson, Founding and Managing Partner, Tatiana Moroz, Marketing Manager, Ken Carpenter, Account Manager, Gaelen Brown, Account Manager and Energy Consultant and Nathalie Beros, Executive Assistant and Administrative Manager from the GGC team

Galt's Gulch Chile.

For those of you not familiar with the Ayn Rand novel, "Atlas Shrugged", John Galt from the novel was an individual who had foreseen the destructiveness government and socialism creep would have upon society. In an effort to create a place where productive people seeking to be free from mediocracy and tyranny could escape to, he created a secret community called Galt's Gulch. Galt's Gulch Chile is a real world representation of that same concept. The community is expected to a fully self-sustained community attracting largely libertarian minded people seeking to live free from government intrusion, central bank covert thievery and the shackles of socialism on human action and human creativity. 

Virgin land ready for homesteading.

With the oppression of the over regulated, over taxed, war riddled and welfare riddled society consuming the world, Ayn Rand’s famous protagonist character, John Galt, came to conclude that he would not use his talents to support such a society any longer...driving him to create a community where scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and many others would come together to escape from the confines of their daily lives to not only be free...but to thrive. In today’s world, it is becoming more and more difficult to find true freedom from very much the same oppressive forces Ayn Rand wrote of...which drove John Galt and others to a place where they found their freedom, success and peace of mind.

We hope that you can take the time to learn about the vision, passion and awareness behind Galt’s Gulch Chile and come to realize that this great community is being created with the same vision of John Galt, penned by Ayn Rand years ago.

Galt’s Gulch Chile is designed to be a fully self-sustaining community, affording those who live here a more than abundant supply of fresh clean water, sourced from over fifty water wells and two underground aquifers, canals off of two seasonal rivers and numerous natural springs located throughout the community...clean and renewable energy from hydroelectric and solar power fish from scenic manmade lakes...and a plethora of organic fruits, vegetables and nuts, born from the fertile soil and the ideal year round climate.

Galt’s Gulch Chile has other unique amenities, which would make John Galt and Ayn Rand proud, such as the Agora Community Center, where residents of Galt’s Gulch can offer their services to their neighbors. Professionals in health and wellness, naturopathic and holistic medicine dentistry, child and adult education, fine arts, engineering, and many other fields will have an ideal environment to contribute their skills and knowledge in order to innovate and collaborate with others in the community and to offer products and services for the betterment of themselves, the community, and hopefully, the world in which we live.

Horseback is the most convenient means of transportation. 

GGC water reservoir among the lemon fields. 

Lemon fields.

Galt's Gulch Community Center

Water Supply

"Abundant Water: Galt's Gulch Chile has incredibly large amounts of registered water rights, totaling currently about 800 liters per second (up to 18,000,000 gallons daily), to year-round underground water from two estuaries, with over 50 deep water wells throughout the northwest parcels of Galt's Gulch, along with registered diversion canals already in use, or being installed in late 2013, which tap into two seasonal rivers that run through Galt's Gulch...and also sizable mineral springs rights throughout the community. The water supply at Galt's Gulch is, and will remain, fluoride and chlorine free and has been tested to be very safe for drinking and agriculture.

Regardless of this amazing guaranteed supply of fresh clean water, Galt's Gulch also is implementing rain water capture systems for all buildings and other very creative and useful means to make sure that one of our most precious commodities on earth, fresh water, is utilized in thoughtful and sustainable ways.

Galt's Gulch also is implementing use of the most advanced water filtration and ionization technologies, as well as balancing technologies, brought to the community via exclusive designs and relationships created by our managing partner in the environmental industry." - From the Galt's Gulch Chile Website.


GGC is surrounded by private mountain ranges protecting the area from potential future Santiago expansion. 

The acreage of land Galt's Gulch Chile covers is just huge. It includes rivers, waterfalls and most of the surrounding mountains seen in the photos.  We drove around all day and only covered a small part before sundown.  The entire property is breathtaking.

For the horses. 

Home on the range.  

All of the staff I met and spent the day with were fantastic. If you can imagine living off of the land in a community of like minded libertarians, that is the idea behind Galt's Gulch Chile.  I think the concept of what these guys are building down in Chile is about as close to living free in peace as one can get. If you want to live free, Chile ranks #7 on the Heritage Foundation's Index of Economic Freedom, beating out the USA at #10. The property is conveniently located only 45 minutes away from the capital city Santiago with the international airport located just around the mountain range. Also, in the opposite direction only 45 minutes away are some of Chile's most beautiful beaches.  The town of Curacavi, population 25,000, is only a hop skip and a jump away where you can stop by the supermarket, cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, etc. 

Guest house.

Galt's Gulch Chile.

I had a fantastic time meeting the Galt's Gulch Chile team. It definitely is near or at the top of my list of potential places I can see myself settling down at the conclusion of Knowmading 2013.  If it sounds like something you might be interested in too what are you waiting for? Reach out to the team. As of the writing of this blog post the GGC team is offering a number of flexible ownership options ranging from fractional ownership to 30+ acre Founder's Lots. The world is a beautiful place and Chile is a beautiful country. Live free. 

My name is Greg Simon. I am an independent thinker and world traveler.